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The Elf Run

EUROVAISTINĖ Christmas Run 2022

The most beautiful winter run in the evening to celebrate Christmas and, most importantly, to spend some time together with the most memorable emotions and the enchanting energy of running!

WE RUN on the 10th of December in Vilnius.

The Eurovaistinė Christmas Run is not only special for its festive mood, but also for its exceptional participants, who are dressed up in Christmas (and other!) costumes for the running event. But this year, we’re all in for an even more festive Christmas! The event program has shifted so that participants can run after dark when the streets of Vilnius will be filled with the true glittering and magical spirit of Christmas!

This year, we invite you to prepare not only Christmas costumes, but also glowing accents – a hat, a bow, a garland, or any other glowing attribute that will turn our runners’ team into a real Christmas glowing magic.”