The Fastest Team Cup

“The Fastest Team Cup” is a team competition to determine the fastest-running team.


  1. In the Fastest Team Cup’s competition, all the running clubs/ teams participate automatically. All team members must provide the EXACT name of the team when registering. Otherwise, team members will not be assigned to the same team.
    For example, TEAM 1.2.3 and TEAM 123 would be recorded as two different teams
  2. Team members have to start at different distances of 12 km, 6 km, and 3 km:
  3. The total count includes all the results from 3 distances (12 km, 6 km, 3 km) achieved by the participants representing the club in the 2022 Eurovaistinė Christmas Run.
  4. The team with the most points wins.


  1. The team members with the most points in the 12km, 6km, and 3km distances are automatically included in the standings.
  2. The results for men and women are calculated separately for the male winner and the female winner.
  3. The results achieved by the team members are calculated according to separate formulas for the 12 km, 6 km, and 3 km distances and by gender. The points scored by all team members are added together.
12 km Rv = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 1000 Rm = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 1000
6 km Rv = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 800 Rm = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 800
3 km Rv = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 600 Rm = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 600
Td – participant’s time, Tn – winner’s time Rv – men’s result Rm – women’s result
  1. Results are based on the original run results (participant’s time).
  2. The winner is the running team with the most points.


The winners will be announced and awarded after all the results have been published, but no later than 15 December.

The team will be awarded a trophy.


The Organisers have the right to adjust or change the rules.