• 12 km
  • 6 km
  • 3 km
  • 300 m Children’s run

Registration fees

till 2022.10.31 11.01 – 11.30 12.01 – 12.07 12.08 – 12.10
12 km 19 EUR* 26 EUR 33 EUR 40 EUR
6 km 15 EUR* 20 EUR 25 EUR 30 EUR
3 km 10 EUR* 15 EUR 20 EUR 25 EUR
Children’s run 5 EUR 6 EUR 8 EUR 10 EUR

*Personalised numbers (with participant’s name on it) will only be available for those who complete registration until October 31st.

  1. Any registration changes will be carried out up till November 30th. 23:59:00 hrs. Participants can only register under their own name. General information (such as name, surname, gender, represented country) must be correct and may be checked by the organizers before the final results are published. Failure to provide the correct details or passing on participation number to another competitor may lead to disqualification and the results not being recorded in the final competition report, with particular attention being paid to the prize-winners.
  2. Registration can be transferred to next year’s Christmas Run. Transfer of registration is possible until November 30th. 23:59:00 hrs. The service fee is 10 EUR.
  3. If you change your chosen distance, the price difference will be charged. If the distance changed is cheaper, there is no refund of the overpayment. In all cases of changes, a fixed data change fee of €10 applies.
    All athletes from Russia and Belarus agree to compete without competition and do not claim any prizes or awards. Professional athletes are not eligible to participate in the event (notwithstanding any applicable exceptions).
  4. Registration fees are non-refundable.

    All Russian and Belarusian citizens with a residence permit in Lithuania must pay the registration fee by bank transfer.
    Each participant must present his/her Lithuanian residence permit and a document signed in free form, stating his/her position against Russian hostilities (in English or Lithuanian).
    According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and the announcement of the Lithuanian Athletics Federation, the decision taken by the Public Institution “International Marathon”, the participation of citizens of Russia and Belarus in the events organised by the organisation is strictly prohibited. Exceptions apply to persons who have and can produce an official residence permit issued by the responsible authorities of the Republic of Lithuania for the territory of the Republic of Lithuania during the event.
    Participants must present a residence permit for the territory of Lithuania when collecting their bib together with a document signed in free form stating their opposition to the Russian military action..


Bib numbers can be collected:

from Wednesday (12.06) till Friday (12.08)
11 am to 8 pm : PC Akropolis (Ermitažas entrance)|

Saturday (12.09)
12 am to 30 mins before the running start
Vincas Kudirka square


The “Fastest Team Cup” is a team competition to determine the fastest running team.

“The Enterprise Cup” recognizes the company that has clocked up the most kilometers during the Eurovaistinė Christmas Run.


1. PI “Tarptautinis maratonas”, legal entity code: 300561278, address: Kedrų g. 3 (301-2 kab.), Vilnius, tel. +37064732998, email: , is the data controller responsible for collecting and processing the data provided by the persons participating in the Eurovaistinės Kalėdinis bėgimas event.

2. PI “Tarptautinis maratonas” is also the manager of the website

3. Participants submit their data by filling in the registration form on These data are processed for the legitimate interest of the Data Controller – for the purposes of organising, implementing and participating in the “Eurovaistinės Kalėdinis bėgimas” event:

  • 3.1. information on name, surname, date of birth, as well as registration payment data are processed for the purpose of processing the purchase of the participant’s services (registration) for the participation in the event and for the administration;
  • 3.2. information on telephone number, email address, date of birth, gender, country, city, as well as data on the results achieved in the event (time, place) shall be processed for the purposes of information and organisation of the event (for the purpose of sending out relevant information about the event, for the purpose of determining results and the winner, for the purpose of drawing up the awards, for the purpose of defining the categories of participation in the event (by gender, by age) etc.);
  • 3.3. information about the participant’s name and email address. is also processed for the purpose of direct marketing, subject to the prior consent of the participant.

4. The participant must provide 3.1. and 3.2. p. the data provided for the purposes of registration and the objectives of the event.

5. The name, age group, gender, results (time, place), as well as city and country of the participants are publicly available on the website To ensure transparency of the results, registering for the event, the participant automatically agrees to the publication of these data on the website.

6. By registering, each participant automatically agrees that the organizers of the event are free to use all pictures and footage taken during the event for marketing purposes, e.g. on social networks, on the website, etc., without any separate consent.

7. Participant’s data shall be kept secure:

  • 7.1. details of the participant’s telephone number, email address and 5 years from the date of the participant’s registration for the event;
  • 7.2. data on the participant’s name, surname, date of birth, gender, country and city, as well as data on the results achieved in the event (time, place) are for statistical/historical purposes and are not erased;
  • 7.3. details of the participant’s name, surname, telephone number, email address for direct marketing purposes, for a period of 5 years from the date of such consent.

8. The Participant has the right to request that PI “Tarptautinis maratonas” has access to the Participant’s personal data and to rectify or delete it or to restrict the processing of the data.

9. If the data is processed for the purpose of direct marketing, the participant has the right to object to such processing at any time. This right may be exercised by the Participant by notifying the following e-mail address

10. In the event of security changes within the country, registrations will be transferred to the virtual running format.

11. The Participant has the right to complain to the State Data Protection Inspectorate regarding the actions (inaction) of the VŠĮ “Tarptautinis maratonas”, which, in the Participant’s opinion, violate the provisions of legal acts. The organizers reserve the right to change the rules.